Nursing homes have been a key battleground throughout the COVID pandemic and were prioritized for distribution of PPE, vaccines, and COVID testing kits.  However, new research suggests that monoclonal antibodies and oral antiviral tablets were no longer used in those facilities as a good deal as might be anticipated given the excessive threat of resident populations. 

Brian McGarry, PhD, with the University of Rochester Medical Center, and collaborators at Harvard University, authored the brand new study, which seems today in JAMA. The authors tested data compiled by using the Center for Disease Control and Prevention National Healthcare Safety Network, which specializes in the nineteen-month length from May 2021 to December 2022, for the duration of which there had been 763,340 said resident COVID instances in 15,092 nursing homes in the US.

The authors take a look at that each nursing domestic resident is at high danger of damaging effects because of COVID-19 and might benefit from antiviral COVID-19 remedies. However, the use of those drugs in nursing homes has been low, a finding the researchers found especially alarming as almost all nursing domestic residents meet scientific guidelines to be considered for remedy.  Specifically, the researchers observed that:

Ø  Just 18 percent of COVID cases in nursing homes received an antiviral remedy in the course of the study period.

Ø  Treatment rates best stepped forward to 1 in four COVID cases after the authorization of oral remedies, which are less complicated to administer and extensively to be had through the cease of 2022.

Ø  the end of 2022, 40% of nursing homes said that they'd in no way used any antiviral treatments.

Ø  Facilities with better shares of Medicaid and non-white residents had been less in all likelihood to use doubtlessly existence-saving antivirals, as have been for-income and decrease-great centers, in all likelihood provide to disparities in COVID hospitalizations and deaths.

Additional authors consist of Benjamin Sommers, Andrew Wilcock, David Grabowski, and Michael Barnett with Harvard University.  The look at turned into support with investment from the National Institute of Aging.

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